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jeudi 17 avril 2014

Pause !

Taking a well-needed break
 where I have no access to Internet so I have disabled the comments ....

lots of love,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx S.B. 

vendredi 11 avril 2014

And it's friday night and I feel all right ....

Hello ! It's Friday night and I've got a few questions for you :
 I'm watching this mind-enlightening program (admittedly while having my dinner and looking at my favourite blogs at the same time) and I want to know :

Is Bruce Jenner really going to become a woman ?
Is Lamar going to get out of his drug addiction ? I feel really sorry for him;
Is Kendall going to move out ? Poor 18 year-old wants to live in Malibu and is at present (at least in the old episodes they are showing us in France) looking for a house she really likes; heck, dig me a hole in the sand on the beach there and I'll go and live in it ...
Is Scott ever going to get the hell out of the program ? because he really gets on my nerves 
Is Rob going to die because of his unhealthy lifestyle ?

And last but not least:
Is it normal that I'm watching KUWTK even though I'm home alone and my daughter is not here to choose the TV show ???

Oops, got to leave you now, old Joan is on air. Gosh isn't she rude and I always like what she wears. I think I want to be like her when I grow up !

I won't spare you anything, will I ? ....And I'm not even ashamed !

Have a nice self-confident week-end !
xxxxx S.B.

jeudi 10 avril 2014

Mé.....trop bien !

Yes, I know, I said I'd post a picture every day but you know what it is ....
Anyway, as a means of making myself and you happy today, I will talk about the Parisian Métro; but first let me digress a little bit.
Typical of you, you'll say, what can't you just walk in a straight line, why do you have to make everything compli.....
There I am, I'm doing it again; now let me go back to my original digression ! As you know if you read me, we recently had local elections in France and in this corner of the wood, two women candidates were fighting to replace laxist and gay Paree's mayor, Bertrand Delanoë.  One of them was left-wing Anne Hidalgo and the other one was this beautiful lady below, right-wing MP Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, who  once appeared like so in a French magazine where she talked about her pregnancy.
Now, as you can see, NKM is the acme of chic; she went to a very exclusive school, Polytechnique, and she comes from an upper-class family, settled in posh suburban towns, and her grandfather was an ambassador. A bit remote, maybe? Well, in order to say :"No, no, good people, I'm just as common as you are", she was first seen during her campaign sharing a smoke with some homeless people in the street (bet she didn't get her jacket from the Salvos and please see how she practiced the art of holding her fag ....)

and then she decided to take the Métro, with of course a cameraman in tow. Things got bad when a journalist asked her the price of a ticket. NKM was a bit embarrassed and answered : " euh, 4 euros, I think...". No, no, Nathalie, if it were 4 euros, you'd be the only one to "take" it, it's 1,70 euro !

Then someone approached her and said she looked ridiculous here and nobody bought her act. To which she kept her calm and replied :" And you, apart from verbally abusing people, what do you do in life ?"
Anyway, after that, she went to all the médias and said how much she enjoyed the Subway, how she took it often and how exchanging a few words or a smile with strangers there literally put her in a state of grace. Of course, the media had a field day :

Her campaign was considered to have been one of the most calamitous ever and she promptly lost when in fact she could have had all her chances.

Anyway, if I've chosen to talk about the Métro, it's because my beautiful pictures of today come from there. You know what I think of public transports here and I won't talk to you about a state of Grace but there is a redeeming factor to the dirt and rudeness. Indeed I am always enchanted, on my journeys to work and to play by these :

the beautiful posters of current exhibitions in Paris.

Some are particularly attractive at the moment so I'll just let you enjoy a few of them :

You've got all the information on the exhibitions there so I don't really have anything to add...
oh yes, just one thing. In true Silver Bunny fashion,

I haven't been to any of them .....
Till next time !
xxxxxx S.B.

lundi 7 avril 2014

(Beautiful) Lady in Red

Hello ! 
Because I'm so down in the dumps that the doctor actually prescribed a week's sick leave (unheard of for me in all my life for that reason), I actually have time to blog and during that whole week I have decided to post at least a beautiful photo a day to cheer myself up and may be you too in the process !
So for today, I give you :

The most beautiful legs in show, sorry, royalty business !

And this leads me to ask myself a  few questions :
Is the Queen going to be furious with her granddaughter-in-law ?
Is she going to tell her to leave carrying the baby to the Nanny so that she can hold on to her skirt ?

Like Diana did with Nanny Barnes, here coming down from the plane in Australia with William.
And by the way, have you noticed how much Georgie Porgie looks like his father ?

Do the English realize they are going to have their most beautiful queen ever in a few years ?

Is Queenie going to tell Kate to put weights in the hem of her dress so the most she'll have to hang onto is her hat when it's windy ?

Bah, Lizzie's seen worse things in red before ! 

Still, is she going to have 'ickle talk soon with Kate about not doing a Marilyn in public ?

Hmm, maybe she'll be keeping mum after all...
And I do think that show looks better when it's performed by Kate by the way !
See you tomorrow !

dimanche 6 avril 2014

Sunday already

Well, I'm sorry if I lose a few readers but sometimes a lady (yes, yes, really !) has gotta say what she's gotta say ! So I'm so glad to say goodbye to that cr...y week, with a particularly cr...y end. Bon voyage to it and to all who sailed in her !

Oh but to you, dear reader, and I know it's already almost Monday in Australia :


jeudi 3 avril 2014

Out with the new ... and in with the old !

Hello, people of my heart ! How are you ? For me, March has been a little tough, with a lot of long hours at school and a lot of pressure too. It all actually ended with me being a bit ill and bravely going to work anyway but unable to do much more...
As you might have heard, we had some elections here in France. All the mayors had to be elected again and although these were local elections, the French took the opportunity to show their disapproval in the present socialist government and voted massively to the right, sometimes even for the National Front, which is considered by the French intelligentsia (yes, there is still such a thing) to be on the right of Hitler.
So in His infinite wisdom, Our Beloved President, Him-who's-always-ready-to-listen-to-his-people,
 yeah, that's right, cover your ears and do your own thing !
.........promptly sacked his Prime Minister, who, it is true, looked a bit bewildered most of the time,
had about as much appeal as a tin of cheap ravioli and should have been shelved a long time ago. Don't rack your brain wondering what was his name now, even we didn't care !
Anyway, after having asked a friend to fill the now vacant job and after his friend had said no, Mr Hollande obviously reluctantly appointed this little guy,
Manuel Valls, best known for his lack of sartorial acumen and for wearing light-colored suit even in the dead of Winter.
Still, he is France's favourite political personality (feeling threatened, François ?), no doubt elected as such by the French because of their own inability to dress appropriately in view of the general financial situation.
Now if you're following me, you'll remember ze French massively voted to the right so the new government that's just being formed, is even more to the .... left than before. Good job done there !
But of course, as is usual in France, there is also another little twist to that.
If you remember, 2 months ago, François Hollande was discovered to have this little bit of fluff called Julie on the side.

Of course when his live-in mistress (live-in at the Elysée Palace, no less) heard of it, she  raised hell, went berserk and took a room in a Paris hospital for a week. Her name was Valérie
and everybody here hated her because she looked like a shrew who'd even loudly order the President to kiss her on the mouth NOW at official functions when he obviously didn't want to. Anyway, I think he was glad the cat was out of the bag and he could then announce to the Press ...on Twitter that he'd put an end to their relationship.

Valérie was also very nasty to Ségolène, François's ex-companion, who bore him 4 children and who is a consumate and passionate politician. And during Val's (that's Valérie of course, not Valls the Manuel) stay at the Elysée Palace, there was no way Ségolène could get a governmental job. But yes,  you've guessed it, now that Val a.k.a. the wicked witch is gone, Ségolène is back :
to be truthful, this picture was taken when the President was elected 2 years ago. Valérie was there on that day too and you can bet François slept on his brocade-clad Louis XVI couch that night !

Valérie is from today the new Minister for Ecology and  Energy, a job she knows well because she's already held it before,   and her first day at work then was the ...... 3rd of April too, but in 1992  ! How is that for a coincidence ! And whilst Ségolène had thrown François out when she'd learned that he had Valérie on the side when she was running for President 7 years ago, she won't mind François's a.k.a. Don Juan, new love interest, Julie,  because she has now got a new man in her life herself and she looks very happy.
As the old saying goes :" Plus ça change, et plus c'est pareil !".

Ah well, what can I tell you, it's France, and I don't even mind my own life being so boring when our entertainers, sorry, our politicians, are here to provide us with such an amusing show !
xxxxxxxxxxx S.B.

mardi 11 mars 2014

The Vintage Kitten

Now this is an unusual way to leave a comment on another blog but here it is :
I have a new follower, "the Vintage Kitten"* and, as I always do, I transported myself there pronto to reciprocate and I adored it; it is so wonderfully Engliiiiiish that I had to use all the restraint I could muster to not immediately pack my bags and go back to the country that I once called "home".

 By the way, this will never happen ; having managed to lose all the money I had and living in genteel but dire straits, I'll never ever again be able to insert even a toe in the notoriously overpriced British real estate . 

Anyway, this lady, the Vintage Kitten, are you following me ? doesn't accept comments, doesn't have an e-mail address and did refuse, through a little pop-up comment, to let me use one of her photos to show you on my blog.
.. and I have to make this hommage public in the hope that she will read me...

So, here it is, Vintage Kitten .. may I call you Vintage ?, you can call me Silver ... Your blog is great, it is fresh and unpretentious and cosy and I've put it on my sidebar for others to admire. I think we a lot of tastes in common and I hope you'll like my own vintage photos carefully chosen for illustration.

Thanks for joining !

*edited to add : apparently, The Vintage Kitten has now gone totally undercover and you can't access her blog; I'm leaving this post anyway, as an homage to it.
xxxxx S.B
All images through Tumblr
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